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Rest Area and Stopping Place (RASP) Project Bowen Basin and Regional Road Network
A key objective of RAAG is to work collaboratively with stakeholders to reduce the number of road incidents involving driver fatigue. As one of the ‘Fatal Five’, fatigue is a killer on our roads and an effective way to fight fatigue is to stop and rest. Rest areas are a vital contributor to safety on rural highways and urban roads in and around towns and cities, and RAAG recognises they play an important role in helping all drivers manage fatigue.

Working together, RAAG hosted a forum in Mackay in late 2010 that resulted in the establishment of a project group focussed on delivering a Rest Area and Stopping Place project for the Bowen Basin, Mackay/Whitsunday Region.

Rest Area and Stopping Places Project
This project is focussed on delivering more rest areas, at strategic locations, on major roads in the region. RAAG members and Transport and Main Roads (TMR) officers undertook an inspection of the road network, driving over 3000km of roads to identify potential places where new or upgraded rest areas would be effective.

The aim of the project is to identify potential sites in and around the Bowen Basin, Mackay/Whitsunday Region for the establishment or upgrade of rest areas and stopping places for motorists and heavy vehicle drivers.
The project will focus on development of new rest areas. Formal and informal stopping places will also be taken into consideration as potential sites.

rest area sign

trucks at rest area

Where are we now? The project group has visited potential rest area sites, liaising with stakeholders and compiling road and safety data in order to support decisions for the location of new sites.
The group has produced a Master Plan, [link below] with assistance from DTMR Rest Area guidelines, see “rest” link below.

RAAG has agreed on the types of sites required, their approximate locations, and how they will contribute to improved road safety in the region.
The master plan is available, with other supporting information, e.g. TMR Road corridor working permits etc. Contact for a copy.

As part of this overall project various projects and outcomes achieved are as follows;  Waverley Creek Rest area and subsequent evaluation, TMR upgraded Palm Tree Creek Rest Area, TMR in 2014 construction of four new toilet blocks in remote locations, Nebo HV Shade shelters completed, upgrading of Nebo motorist rest area planned in 2015/2016, Shade shelter proposal for Mackenzie River rest area commencing 2016, ongoing negotiations with Aurizon for land for a motorist rest area at Coppabella.

See links below:

– Rest Areas and Stopping Places
– Best practice guide for roadside rest areas in Queensland

– Rest Areas Master Plan

Rest Area and Stopping Places Project

RAAG is confident that by bringing together community, and government groups, the Rest Area and Stopping Places project can deliver a long-term plan supported by local business, which will improve the safety of all drivers on the vast road network within the Bowen Basin, Mackay/Whitsunday region.

Many other projects are an extension to RASP, the 3-2-1 Green Reflector Project, Shade tables at Nebo and a range of other actions are as a result of RASP.