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Mackay Bowen Basin Service Link (Walkerston Bypass)

The Mackay Bowen Basin Service Link otherwise known as the Walkerston Bypass, Stockroute Road Realignment, Peak Downs Highway realignment, and more recently the “Bowen Basin Service Link”, by whatever name, it is overdue for construction. It has been called for by community and politicians since the 1970’s. It was recognised that the 1870’s plans and survey of the close confines of Dutton Street, with up to nine intersections in 500 metres at acute angles, was no longer suitable for the main access supply route to the Bowen Basin, let alone also the commencement of the Galilee Basin.

The road design, whilst adequate for horse and cart, is no longer appropriate for one of the busiest supply routes in Australia. The 70 year old wooden bridge on a 90* bend, a large supermarket, super clinic, churches, numerous shops, Police Station, hotels, and over 800 children so close to the road, with over 11,000 vehicles per day travelling along this route add up to a disaster waiting to happen.

The rapidly increasing traffic mix must be recognized. It is creating risks not acceptable to the community. There is 4.25 million litres of fuel, [increasing] travelling along this confined route. On average every 24 hours there is avgas, petrol, diesel, plus other dangerous goods including explosives, chemicals, large quantities of LPG and waste oil. High level safety risks are obvious as there is on average 228 B Doubles, 217 Semi trailers, 691 Body trucks, plus over 30 coaches per day, this, combined with fuel bowsers in the road corridor three meters from the edge of the road. The community is rightly concerned with the unacceptable level of risk associated with this heavy vehicle road corridor in such close confines within a residential precinct.

Not including the Galilee Basin it is conservatively estimated, the fuel quantity travelling this route will be over 6 million litres per day by 2020.

Some concern has also been raised as to air quality for the children breathing constant exhaust gases. All in the community are nervous with children walking on footpaths and crossing the bridge and pedestrian crossing in such close proximity to so many heavy vehicles.

RAAG has alerted all relevant Government agencies to the above, and is working with Federal, State and Local government politicians to source funding to complete the project design (already well advanced), with recognised business case clearly showing positive cost benefits, plus the obvious safety benefits for all that live in this community and for all that travel through the congested confines of Dutton Street.

As of January 2015 RAAG has now engaged with Diversify Mackay Leadership Alliance [DMLA] to coordinate the approach of Mackay Port to Mine Corridor focus, it has become obvious there are many pinch points [bottlenecks] in this corridor with community safety and severe productivity restrictions, we look forward to a study of the whole corridor encompassing community safety and productivity gains.  In June 2015 DMLA advised a Freight Optimisation Project Study (FOP) will be funded by the Mackay Regional Council. “To this end, the Diversity Mackay Leadership Alliance (DMLA)  is seeking to review the existing identified proposed road network solutions for freight optimisation and prioritise the infrastructure for a staged rollout that will maximise safety and efficiency.”( DMLA Freight Optimisation Project Draft.)

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