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Wide Load Education sponsored by McALEESE TRANSPORT

The Wide Load Eduction Campaign now in its 3rd year is proudly sponsored by McAleese Transport Pty. Ltd.  With a new approach we are focusing on younger drivers through targeting key demographics using Facebook and social media. This campaign is aimed at educating Bowen Basin road users to the correct procedures when an oversize load escort vehicle approaches, education on following instructions from pilot vehicles and police are a lawful direction for oncoming and following vehicles safety.

The understanding that these oversize loads are the lifeblood of the region and that added time must be included in all trip times and fatigue management, removal of stress and frustration in delays by education that wide loads are inevitable on every trip and are on the increase.

Tips for Travellers

If towing vans in the Bowen Basin, a very good idea is to monitor channel 40 this will give a good warning of size of wide loads approaching.

If a police escort vehicle is approaching, quickly find a place to stop this is a seriously wide load approaching, beware of soft shoulders on the roadside.