The 3-2-1 Green reflector program was designed to allow the drivers of heavy vehicles to clearly identify  additional  suitable stopping places for fatigue management purposes.

The project to identify safe access, suitable, informal stopping places. These may be old pieces of highway, stockpile sites, commonly used extended unmarked pull over places in the road corridor.

More than 3000 kilometres of Bowen Basin highways , arterial, and development roads were audited by RAAG and data inputs submitted for checking by TMR.  Of the sites selected by RAAG   95% of sites [100+] were  approved.

Sign maintenance crews commenced installation of reflectors at sites. TMR continue to  install 3-2-1 green reflectors on Bruce Highway and Peak Downs Highway, TMR Rockhampton to roll out reflectors in southern Bowen Basin.

Education flyers were approved by TMR and distributed to a range of stakeholders including attendees at the ATA National conference.

Interest was shown nationally in expanding the project.

Great at night to find a safe HV stopping place Great at night to find a safe HV stopping place

RAAG has asked TMR [Roadtek] to develop guidelines for managing stockpile sites, for the project to be fully successful, cooperation needed at project end for materials dumped to be located or levelled for improved use by all, some consideration needed also for road side grass slashing that entrances are kept clear

RAAG recognises the valuable assistance, and thanks Rod Hannifey for advice with the project.  Rod Hannifey <>

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