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33900 Peak Downs  Highway Decade of Action Updates

Peak Downs Highway Decade of Action. Update May 2015 

  • April 2015 TMR advised a road side tree reduction program will take place after a request was made.
  •  April 2015 TMR commenced a divided centre line project, welcome after a previous requests.
  • In early 2015, RAAG organised a meeting with Diversify Mackay Leadership Alliance [DMLA] and other interested stakeholders. This resulted in DMLA having an understanding of the many pinch points in the Mackay Port to Mine Corridor. This is affecting community safety and state productivity. The next step being the establishment of a study combining the many pieces of planned road infrastructure into one document that can be used by government for safety and productivity improvements.
  • During 2014 RAAG conducted a survey of dangerous goods travelling through Walkerston resulting in a powerful power point presentation being shown to local, state and federal government members reminding them that the Bowen Basin Service Link is integral to the Mackay Ring Road. This triggered Mackay Regional Council to produce a video on the need for the Bowen Basin Service Link also shown widely during the state election.
  • During evaluation for the “Lights on and Live” project during October 2014, at 2-3 pm on a cloudless day, over 50{86d006f64218e9eb1d6d9f60f707596bd77134dd18cba6bb501419d6a9d6d38b} all vehicles on the Peak Downs Highway using day time headlights [DRL’s].This is just one of the many actions resulting in a reduction over the last three years, of fatalities and serious injuries along this road corridor.
  • Eton Range Realignment to four lanes, construction date announced early 2014, actual works commence June 2015 approx. $180m.
  • Oil Industry in November 2013 formed a Peak Downs Highway [PDH] focus group, a number of actions are being progressed.
  • Funds for the design of the Mackay Ring Road announced/confirmed by Federal Govt. March 2014. The first three kilometres along Stockroute Road, being part of the Stockroute Road Realignment [formally known as Walkerston Bypass]
  • Mobile phone coverage is improving, enabling faster reporting of details of crashes by the public. New tower near Oxford Downs road 2014. Reports indicate a large improvement in that area.
  • 24/7 365 days Driver Reviver  opened and sponsored by the Retreat Hotel at Retreat Rest Area March 21st.
  • March 13 2014 Ms Michelle Landry MP advises RAAG meeting she will request visit and drive along Peak Downs Highway by Hon. Warren Truss MP, major focus Stockroute Road Re-alignment [Missing Link] Four wooden bridges, passing lane Red Hill.
  • In early 2014, the PDH very much in the public spotlight after four major incidents involving six tankers, two fatalities in six months.
  • RAAG writes to and requests Isaac Regional Council consider Royalties for Regions [R4R] application for additional climbing lane on Red Hill.
  • March 2014 RAAG conducts tanker survey at Walkerston, very comprehensive Power Point prepared and shown to Federal, State, Local government politicians, with the result a working group preparing advice to State Government on the need for Walkerston Bypass to be funded and constructed integral with Mackay Ring Road.  
  • May 22nd 2014 Combined Fuel Industry Tanker Driver Workshop/Forum conducted at MECC Mackay, key stakeholders attended, including Emergency Services, senior management fuel industry, survey of drivers conducted by RAAG, results later distributed, a number of actions commenced by RAAG, a combined donation of $30k made to RAAG, subsequent decision to use funds for a shade table structure at westbound HV Rest Area Nebo.   
  • 3-2-1 Green Reflector Project [TMR Road Safety grant funding] audits identify a number of stock pile sites suitable as informal Heavy Vehicle Stopping places suitable for rest. TMR agree in July 2014 to place reflectors at sites using sign maintenance crews, TMR Fitzroy [Peter Trim] agree for same arrangement southern Bowen Basin, Acquittal and evaluation completed August 2014