The Peak Downs Tragedy 

In the five years to the end of 2009, 243 people have been injured in road crashes on the Peak Downs Highway between Clermont and Mackay.  14 people lost their lives and 71 were hospitalised.  This level of death and injury is unacceptable.
The Global and Australian Road Death Epidemic   

33,900 people were killed or seriously injured in road crashes in Australia in 2010.  That is an average of four people killed and 90 people seriously injured every day.  Worldwide 3,500 people are killed and 100,000 seriously injured every day on our roads.  Road crashes are the biggest killer of 10-24 year olds.

In recognising the scale of this global epidemic, the United Nations has declared 2011-2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety.  Australia is a signatory to the resolution and has a responsibility to take significant action within Australia, and contribute to improvement throughout the Asia Pacific Region and the world.

The Mackay Road Accident Action Group  

The Mackay Road Accident Action Group (RAAG) is a group of individuals from state government, industry, community, and local government who by taking a holistic approach across the community in dealing with causal factors relating to road incidents have successfully developed and implemented programs which have been effective in reducing incidents of road trauma.

33900:  The Australian Road Safety Collaboration

33900: The Australian Road Safety Collaboration ( has been established to bring together road safety stakeholders in the non-government sector in Australia that are committed to making sure it is a Decade of Action in Australia.  The group has identified experts and interest groups across all five pillars of action identified by the United Nations: Road Safety Management, Safer Roads and Mobility, Safer Vehicles, Safer Road Users and Post-crash response.

The Peak Downs Showcase

With coordinated and accelerated action across the Peak Downs Highway we can respond before the growth in traffic and economic activity on the road lead to unprecedented death and injury.

We can treat death and injury as avoidable, not inevitable.

We can bring together the key players who already know what to do, remove any constraints for action and apply proven treatments on a scale that will make a difference.  We will save lives.  Local experts, local  energy, local action, national and global support.

We can take the Peak Downs Highway from ticking time bomb to showcase.

The Peak Downs Highway: Decade of Action for Road Safety

Lead by the Mackay Road Accident Action Group a one day workshop will be held in Mackay that will bring together local experts and agencies together with “33900” experts in each pillar of action.  The groups will focus on the development of a joint action plan across all five pillars to create a Decade of Action for Road Safety Plan for the Peak Downs Highway that will at least halve the death and injury on the road.  The event will be linked to state-wide events occurring in May to shine the spotlight on to the Queensland Road Safety Problem and need for action.

Click to View the Peak Downs: Day of Action for Road Safety Workshop

Click to View the Day of Action for Road Safety: Pillar Leader Background

Peak Downs Highway:  Decade of Action for Road Safety Supporters
Our thanks go to all of the participants in the Peak Downs Highway Day of Action that will lead to a Decade of Action for Road Safety.  Many have donated their time and expertise as we unite to save lives.
In particular we would like to thanks the event sponsors who have helped make it possible:

John Glanville – Dealer Principal of Auto Corner Pty Ltd.John has been in the position since 1993, growing the business to be currently the 10th largest Toyota Dealership in Australia, reaching Top 20 National status 4 times and Toyota President’s Award twice. His Motor Vehicle retail Industry experience spans many franchises and goes back some  30 years. He has been instrumental in the implementation of the very successful Rotary Youth Driver Awareness program in Mackay, as well as watching the safety development of Mining Specific vehicles over the years.

Steve Spalding – RACQ Executive Manager Technical & Safety PolicySteve has worked for RACQ in various technical and management roles for over 20 years and has more than 30 years automotive industry experience ranging from fleet operations through to developing technical and vehicle safety policy. Steve also represents RACQ on a broad range of automotive industry and motoring related matters. This involves working with key industry bodies and stakeholder groups at both the local and national level.  He also has expertise in ANCAP and the Used Car Safety Ratings.

Inspector Peter FlandersDistrict Inspector in the Mackay Police DistrictHe currently manages the areas of Crime and Operations that includes four Traffic Branches. Peter previously held the position of Regional traffic Coordinator in the North Coast Region where he was responsible for the development of traffic management strategies, traffic research, and funding allocations.  Peter is a committed road safety practitioner with a long history in motorcycle training, safety and policy development.

Dr Kerry Armstrong – Senior Research FellowCarrsQKerry has been actively involved in road safety analysis, initiatives, and research for the past 11 years and has an established national and international profile. Her research areas of interest include factors contributing to unlicensed and unregistered driving, understanding the phenomenon of fatigue, illegal street racing, drink driving, drug driving and safety culture in the heavy vehicle industry. Kerry is a registered psychologist and holds a PhD from Queensland University of Technology. She is currently the Chair of the Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) in Queensland.

Dr Dale Hanson – Director of Clinical TrainingDale graduated from Flinders University of South Australia in 1982, initially pursuing a career in Family Medicine, and subsequently in Emergency Medicine. Since 1986 he has been working as Staff Emergency Physician at Mackay Base Hospital, in regional Queensland.  Concerned at the high rate of injury in the region, he developed an interest in injury research, safety promotion, and social network analysis, completing his Masters Degree in Public Health and Tropical Medicine in 2000 and subsequently his Doctorate in Public Health at James Cook University in 2007.  He was awarded a university medial for his doctoral dissertation “Community Safety Promotion Networks: From Metaphor to Methodology”.

Dr Daryl Wall – Chair of RACS Trauma CommitteeDr Daryl Wall graduated with MBBS first class honours and received theAlfred Hospital Graduates Award for first in Medicine.  He has fulfilled roles including the Chair of the Queensland Trauma Committee and Chair of the National Board Trauma Advisory Committee (RACS).  He was awarded the Order of Australia in 2006 for his contribution to the field of transplant surgery and specialist training and the RACS Gordon Trinca Medal in 2007 for services to the care of the injured.