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Stock On Roads

The Stock on Road campaign is to alert and educate the community to the dangers of livestock/animals on roads and new reporting methods available. The Stock on Roads education campaign provides the course of action a driver or any person should take if they identify livestock on public roads.

The critical concern when reporting stock on roads is accuracy of location of the livestock. New “Apps” now significantly assist in this regard.

➢ The “Emergency Plus” App, gives exact road location and Latitude and Longitude which can connect to Triple Zero Operator in the event of an emergency. It can also be used to obtain user’s GPS location prior to reporting via 131 940.

➢ The “Snap Send Solve” App, also reports exact location, with the user having ability to upload photos, it will send automatically message the council area you are in nationwide. Ideal for non-emergency situations.

➢ In the event of an emergency, call Triple Zero however be sure of stock on roads location. If not sure of exact location, use app such as “Emergency Plus” to obtain GPS coordinates.

➢ Call, Text, Email: 131 940 manned 24/7 again be sure of location of stock when reporting. An app such as “Emergency Plus” can be used to obtain GPS location if unsure.

The 2022 Stock on Roads campaign was proudly supported by Isaac Regional Council & Stanmore Coal.




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Many in the community were touched by the award-winning Ripple Effect V1 and V2 productions. “Consequences” lifts the message to a new level. All who watch this video will be impacted by its message.

The project partnership included the offender, victim’s family, community, RAAG volunteers, and government agencies. The video producers graphically captured the aims of the project which will certainly be a trigger for the sharing and distribution of Consequences far and wide.

Project Aim


To establish the production in (the victim’s) Ken’s memory to help educate other young motorists to think before they drive.


To tell his story, so that others understand the harm that he has caused to his own family, the victims and himself by not understanding the consequences of decisions made. He wants to encourage mates to step up for mates. – As part of the court process [sentencing] which he consented to.


Develop a hard-hitting educational video to invoke action, focusing on ‘Mates’ who will step up and stop others from driving or taking risks when they shouldn’t – Target Group The project and message are designed to impact all road users including young males and females, families, friends, work mates and school mates.

Circulation will run through High Schools, Universities, Corporations and our road safety partners. The Department of Justice will use the video with future offenders.

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