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Road Accident Action Group Inc's Role

Mackay’s Road Accident Action Group (RAAG) fulfils a variety of roles of advocating good driving behaviour including:

  • Research, planning and co-ordination of road safety projects
  • Facilitating the progression of driver awareness initiatives
  • Monitoring trends in road crash causal factors
  • Evaluating the effect of initiatives and actions taken
  • Providing expert advice to stakeholder groups
  • Volunteers partnering with industry, government and community to reduce road crash trauma.

Road Safety Education Campaigns

Stock On Roads

The Stock on Road campaign is to alert and educate the community to the dangers of livestock/animals on roads and new reporting methods available. The Stock on Roads education campaign provides the course of action a driver or any person should take if they identify livestock on public roads.

The Ripple Effect

Tim, a 17-year-old Mackay resident tells his story of driving whilst affected by alcohol, colliding into a tree and splitting his 4WD in two.

Wide Load Education

Education to road users in the Bowen Basin on the dangers of “Wide Loads”, the correct response to pilot escort vehicles, with emphasis on young drivers and those drivers new to the Bowen Basin.

Lights On And Live

A new road safety campaign will launch in Mackay and Moranbah asking motorists to turn their car lights during the day to improve visibility and reduce crashes. 


Illegal modification of headlights causing momentary blindness, dazzling of oncoming drivers, a serious road safety hazard.


Unnecessary use of fog lights a serious concern in the region. Only use fog lights in inclement conditions.