Unnecessary use of fog lights and illegal modification of headlights a serious concern in the region, causing momentary blindness, dazzling of oncoming drivers, a serious road safety hazard

RAAG received many comments from Heavy Vehicle [HV] drivers of a increase of modified High Intensity Discharge (HID) fog lights and headlights. Research and consultation with QPS revealed HID headlights require self levelling devices, these were not being fitted, and at the same time many motorists were modifying fog lights, or using high intensity fog lights unnecessarily and illegally.

A decision was made to produce education commercials to alert motorists and auto electricians of the problem, and if the problem continues to request a serious QPS enforcement campaign.

RAAG asks motorists to consider if they are using their foglights or driving lights unnecessarily and how these lights may dazzle other road users  such as HV drivers, including tanker drivers and other commuters. This dazzling effect can be for many seconds, resulting in a Heavy Vehicle travelling hundreds of metres with a dazzled driver.

RAAG was successful in obtaining  funding from Department of Transport and Main Roads Community Road Safety funding grant. This funding was used for an intensive Television, Radio and Social Media campaign, with numerous radio, newspaper stories and television interviews, as well as safety  commercials being shown state-wide on news broadcasts.

Fog Light Education

Headlight Education