Project Purpose:

To utilise H.V. Driver Training Trucks with road safety messages to decrease road trauma.

Statement of purpose [from RAAG Strategic Plan 2009-2012]

To ensure a coordinated and collaborative approach to reducing the incidence and severity of road crashes on the Bruce Highway between Proserpine and St Lawrence, the Peak Downs Highway and associated western arterial roads by targeting identified crash causal factors through driver education programs and initiatives.


In line with RAAG Inc Strategic Plan.  

1.2       Conduct targeted advertising and promotion to raise awareness among young drivers. 

1.5       Interfacing with target group and distribution of educational material at strategic times and places. 

4.3       Conduct targeted advertising and promotion to raise awareness of the dangers associated with risky driving behaviour. 



The RAAG Inc Action Planning meeting in April 2010 reviewed a number of photos of innovative signage used by interstate road authorities; discussion ensued on how best we could use these ideas for maximum impact with drivers in the Mackay region. 

An offer was made by Peter Lewis of PK’S Truck Wise Driving Services for several driver trainer trucks that are not loaded, which could carry mobile signage, e.g. an A frame or a shipping container with removable vinyl road safety messages. These trucks are constantly on the move, highly visible, operate around Mackay, Airlie Beach, Moranbah, Clermont,  an advantage is containers could even be dropped off at strategic locations for special campaigns. 

After consultation with Paul Dwyer, of Visual Graphics Mackay, it became apparent 20’ shipping containers would work best with the advantage, if the project is closed down for any reason the cost of the containers are easily recovered. Also, other members could easily transport containers to say a mining town e.g. Nebo Road Safe September, or for a special function, the signs being mounted in tracks could easily be changed around. 

Peter Lewis has indicated as his part of the project he would carry these at no cost, he would like RAAG Inc to partner with an organisation as he will purchase the first two containers if need be and another company sponsor the signage. If purchased by PK’s Truck Wise the containers to remain the property of PK’s Truck Wise. 

It is envisaged the sponsor companies would be adequately identified as working with RAAG Inc in road safety on each sign, a max of 7.5% of sign space to each company. 

RAAG Inc see this as an opportunity to get out road safety messages to a huge number of people and to address getting road safety messages out that will have proven effects. For e.g. the rear of the container could have a strong message on tailgating and the correct distances between vehicles. 

Other ideas for the rear are “slowing down won’t kill you”, “Long time dead, so what’s the Hurry” 

Another example for the sides is an innovative picture message of driving with lights on “Lights on and Live”. Research will be conducted with guidance from DTMR Road Safety on designs; also Paul Dwyer from Visual Graphics a RAAG member has offered his graphic artist to assist with some design examples. 

The trucks are often parked between jobs on main arterial roads and so the signs are working 7 days a week, during eve 

Who Will Benefit?

  • The community.
  • Economic gains from less road trauma.
  • Decreased load on emergency services.
  • Reduced social stress from the ripple effect of injuries and fatalities to families.

Project Timeline

April 2010: Write Project Brief.

May 2010: Prepare examples of signs for graphic artist, prepare preliminary ideas.

Present Project Brief to RAAG General Meeting for Approval

Prepare project proposals for sponsors

June 2010: Finalise agreement with sponsors, [set time two year project time frame]

Note a contingency amount of 10% of the value of the signs will be added for repairs per annum.

Insurance: PK’s Truck Wise insurance will cover the containers and signage whilst       unloading and loading the container and whilst in transit on the truck and or trailer.

Insurance for containers and signage if used at a special event must be arranged in writing prior to the event, at the expense of the special event organiser.

Invoice sponsor for project and bank the funding for the project

Prepare quotes, for containers and signs

Give go ahead to sign manufacturer to prepare designs

Oct. 2010 Present designs to RAAG committee and sponsor for approval

Purchase shipping containers

Write orders for and arrange manufacture of signs and mounting on containers

Nov. 2010: Commence display of signage on trucks

December 2010: August 2012:  Road Safety Coordinator to conduct monthly inspection of signs.

January 2011: Decision made whether to expand project to two more containers based on evaluation. Decision made for the project to stay at present status.

March 2011: Decision made for freight compaines to use the designs if requested.

October 2011: Project entered into the Australian Road Safety Awards and the Queensland Road Safety Awards.

June 2012: Commence re-negotiation of sponsors, re- assess validity of signage.

September 2012: Close down project if not sustainable


Coverage by media will give some idea of interest.

Letters from associated interest groups on their thoughts on effectiveness, e.g . . . . RACQ etc

Feedback from the public will be sort, e.g. msm messages in the newspaper.

A Radio talkback show will be conducted to get feedback.

Interest from companies to come on board as sponsors should be a good measure.

Comment from companies and departments involved in RAAG will be sort, with the view to going to two more containers in January 2011

Peter Lewis will be asked to give a written report to RAAG at the January meeting as to problems, feedback, issues that need to be rectified.

Media releases will be conducted with sufficient info to create interest stories in the local media.

Risk Management

Safety:  Assurance from sign manufacturer signs is safe at a continuous speed of 100kph.

Advice from DTMR Road Safety, signs are not offensive, discriminatory etc

Inquiry will be made on copyright infringement, and hold RAAG copyright to new designs.

A driver could be distracted reading a sign and crash, advice will be sort from Q.P.S. as to  RAAG liability.

RAAG public liability insurance will be sent the project brief to ensure we are covered, prior to manufacture of signs..

Inquiries will be conducted to with DTMR Inspectors to ensure signage is legal.

Peter Lewis to advise in writing containers and signs are covered under his insurance

Copy of project brief to Mackay Regional Council rep on RAAG for advice.