Nebo Road Safe 2009,2010, 2011, 2012,2013, 2014 Campaign

The Road Accident Action Group, [R.A.A.G.] would like to congratulate the Nebo Community Development Group Inc. on their ongoing road safety campaign.

The combined community effort has again made a large impact on many thousands of people that travel the Peak Downs Highway, road safety is a very important part of Nebo.

The awareness of road safety to the children in Nebo has been reinforced with their drawings on 240 signs, [I must admit my favourite is the look on a cows face, with a car bouncing off, classic!, in recent years staff from BMC South Walker have assisted with sign maintenance.]

The effort by a couple from Ipswich who take a week off to come up and assist manning the rest stop, put’s real meaning into a project that they feel is worthwhile.

The significant donations for a cup of coffee also show just how much the campaign is worth to many, I spoke with a lady who lost her son in a road crash near Middlemount a few years ago, her enthusiasm and positive comments really felt the hours put in by the many volunteers invaluable.

How can you measure the impact of the large electronic signs cost donation, one life saved or serious injury prevented, makes it worthwhile.

Every driver and traveller takes notice in some way of the crash site signs, many new drivers to the Peak Downs Highway and passengers are shocked, the fatal sites must have an effect.

It brings the message home to every driver; right now, the choices and decisions he or she makes can be life or death, being reminded virtually every kilometre leaves no excuses.

The effects of the whole campaign are now starting to show statistically, crashes are certainly less when the crash site signs are up, the Peak Downs Highway had fewer fatalities than before the campaign started.

The assistance for the campaign from mining companies and council, with loan of equipment, the bus, the generators, the staff for the night shift, the sponsorship of  radio adds, all need to be thanked, the effect is, these staff, companies and families all put more thought into road safety.

Many of these crashes were fatigue related, the signs also serve as a reminder to families to plan fatigue, as many of the crashes are on the way to work, plan time off, do not head off Monday morning or after a shift break fatigued. From 2012, signs have been placed in clusters at strategic locations, representing headstones at graveyards, a risk assessment made it clear, it was too dangerous to place and remove individual signs along the highway.

It is up to every driver to slow down, buckle up and make clear headed decisions, stop for a power nap if tired, stay alert and alive to get home to your family.

On behalf of all users of the Peak Downs Highway, R.A.A.G. would like to thank the Nebo Community Development Group for their fantastic effort in reducing road trauma.

Graeme Ransley,  Road Safety Coordinator,  R.A.A.G.