With the increase of wide load movements in the Bowen Basin during the mining construction boom the risk of a crash between a wide load and other road users was on the increase. An education campaign was planned and implemented to reduce the risk.

A new approach focusing on younger drivers targeting key demographics using Facebook and social media , television, radio and print media. Several thousand copies of the “on the road with wide loads” video on DVD  were distributed at caravan shows, trade shows and road safety forums and conferences.

This campaign was  aimed at educating Bowen Basin road users to the correct procedures when an oversize load escort vehicle approaches. Education on following and understanding  the instructions from pilot vehicles and police are a lawful direction for oncoming and following vehicle’s safety.

The understanding that these oversize loads are the lifeblood of the region and that added time must be included in all trip time planning . Fatigue management, removal of stress and frustration due to delays by wide load movements are inevitable and worth of such an education campaign.

Tips for Travellers:

  • If towing vans in the Bowen Basin, a very good idea is to monitor channel 40 this will give a good warning of size of wide loads approaching.
  • If a police escort vehicle is approaching, quickly find a place to stop this is a seriously wide load approaching, beware of soft shoulders on the roadside.