Work Out Visibly – 2022 


Be Seen, Be Safe is the message coming from the Road Accident Action Group (RAAG) for those exercising on or near our roads, particularly during the darker winter months. Early mornings and evenings are the hardest time for motorists to safely navigate around pedestrians and cyclists, however there is an easy solution.

Joggers, walkers, cyclists, and anyone on the roads can increase their visibility by wearing fluorescent and/or reflective clothing while exercising at these times. This alerts motorists to their presence and greatly improves their safety. It can be as easy as adding reflective stickers to their helmets or shoes, wearing a fluoro/reflective vest, flashing lights and any other similar items.

The Work Out Visibly safety initiative is a project of the Road Accident Action Group and is now in its third year. Expanding on previous years campaigns, RAAG has secured funding support from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund, Queensland Government, which has allowed the purchase of around nine thousand safety items to give out the public. These items will be given out at various events running throughout the region during the coming months.

“Having these safety items to give out will hopefully raise further awareness of the importance of being visible when exercising on or near our roads in low light conditions. Mackay has seen some terrible incidents between motorists and pedestrians and our goal is to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone,” said Brett Hoskin, RAAG Chairman.

One of the events included the CQ Rescue Beach to Gardens Fun Run that was on last weekend(24th July). RAAG had the opportunity to give out approximately five hundred reflective stickers, wristbands and flyers to participants, showing how easy it is to improve their safety and raising awareness of this road safety issue.

Other events items will be given out include the Mackay Mountain Marathon (30th – 31st July), BMA River to Reef Ride (3rd – 4th September), Run for Mi Life (16th October) and Park Run.

However, if you are part of a local running, walking, or cycling group and would like some Work Out Visibly safety items, please contact RAAG on to secure some before they are all gone. Otherwise, follow RAAG on Facebook (  or Instagram (@raagmackay) for more important road safety tips.


You can also download a free digital copy of our flyer here






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