Collinsville, Glenden, Clermont, Capella, Emerald, Middlemount,S.H.S, Marist College, Aust.Ag.Coll. Emerald.

Co-ordinator, Graeme Ransley travelled to Rockhampton, Emerald, Moranbah initially in February to discuss YDA, meet presenters, discuss BRAKE program, which has some similarities.

Co-ordinator then travelled to schools to discuss timing and get Principals to allow time in curriculum for the program.

Majority of schools agreed best to run in term 2, when students are starting to drive.

Program was mainly for yr 11 due to licence changes, but the smaller schools incorporated yr 12’s.

Brochures outlining program were sent to schools for each student to take home to parents, also small and large posters for school and community notice boards.

As requested by Principal, co-ordinator travelled to Collinsville to brief parents, teachers, QPS, ATODS, QFRS.

Most schools gave good coverage to program in weekly news letters.

The Youth Drive Alive component commenced 16/04/08 and completed 7/08/08

Involved 32 presenters from Q.F.R.S , Q.P.S., Q.T., S.E.A.T, A.T.O.D.S., XSTRATA, R.A.C.Q. Some difficulties encountered as three regions involved with most Govt, depts..

Emerald Schools co-ordinated by Chris Bates Q.T. Emerald.

Most sessions, [56] were of 70 mins, except Q.T, QFRS, which were mostly double sessions.

A couple of sessions were cancelled at last moment due to emergencies, sickness, but due to distances involved, impossible to get other presenters to location at short notice, generally, co-ordinator only advised later, after session missed.

Staff changes/long leave at schools also created problems, as seldom was the co-ordinator advised of these.

Where session evaluations were given to students by presenters, feed back was very positive.

The Ripple Effect dvd was sent to each school, for distribution to each student, some schools showed R/E to Yr 11 and 12’s

It was quite noticeable, a large number of yr 12 students leave for employment, or are transferred during the year, for example, 14 yr 12 students left from one class at Middlemount. It would appear programs such as RAAP, should be aimed at yr 11, as class numbers at mining town schools appear to be down to half by 4th term for yr 12.

Planning began in June for the driving component, after investigation, RACQ Driver Education were engaged to supply a suitable program, with dual control cars, appropriate software for in class program, with very experienced staff.

Emerald SHS advised they had suitable driver trainers in the area, and did not have time for driving component, Marist did not come back with a definite decision, so it was decided to only run driving component in areas that do not have driving schools.

RACQ, commenced driving component at Glenden SHS ON 6/10/08, C/Ville 7/10/08, Clermont 8/10/08, Capella 9/10/08, M/mount 10/10/08.In the mornings, classroom sessions were conducted to half of class, while balance received practical instruction on ABS, Braking distances, Cabin drill, and practical driving.

All students received time behind the wheel where practical. Co-ordinator assisted as a driving instructor. Three cars, dual control. In afternoon swapped around, twice again, on road instruction given to L and P Platers.

There were up to four students in each car, on highway and suburban streets, this worked well, as even unlicenced students observed and skills learned.

In afternoon when time allowed, Ripple Effect was shown to students who had not seen it.

An anonymous, 18 question evaluation was given to students at the end of the day, before certificates and first aid kits were presented.

Judging by the comments and competency shown in car, and the evaluations, much more in car training is needed and requested.

Many students openly said the instruction  given by their parents was very contradictory to what they had learned, many had driven long distances fatigued while on learners to get their hours up. 100 hours of learning bad habits is not a good idea, they agreed.

It became obvious that parents need to engage professional driving instructors very early in the learners driving program, very difficult in small country towns, but very necessary.

It appears there is some lack of  understanding and communication between mining companies, offering driving programs to students, and not understanding some of what we have learned, eg, Capella SHS, have their yr 12 students doing a defensive driving course in late November, but we found many students, who have their licence but basic driving skills are very limited. We felt they should of finished the YDS program, then maybe the defensive driving. It is also now apparent, many yr 12 students have left school by 4th term, most teachers commented yr 11 is more appropriate for driving programs.

There is considerable information to be condensed from the evaluation forms before commencing a similar program.

Approx 80% of students did have a current first aid certificate, most students  very appreciative of first aid kits.

I had discussions with Professor Lee Di Milia, in October of how the information on evaluation forms could be collated and assessed. He suggested a senior University student in Mackay, Kathie Anderson, whose employment also gave her experience in preparing a report like this. Kathie was consulted and engaged to produce this report.

This report was finalised and forwarded to Noel Lang for forwarding to Xstrata Coal.

The YDA part of the program delivered a wide spectrum of information to over 320 students, Road Rules, Alcohol other Drugs, Spinal Injuries, Crash Factors, Road Aggression, Road Safety, Buying cars, Free2 go,, the driving component to over 130 students behind the wheel, reinforced with videos, brochures, practical lectures by experienced trainers will start these students on a much safer road.

Sincere thanks to XSTRATA COAL for funding this worthwhile project.

Special thanks also to Paul Dwyer at VISUALGRAHICS, all the staff who assisted from the various govt.depts., Colin Goodsell, RACQ,, the Principals and staff who assisted,


RAAG  YDS Coordinator