Stock on Roads

To report stock on roads:
Contact TMR
Pone: 13 19 40

In 2011 RAAG was requested to prepare an education campaign on the dangers of stock on roads following two fatalities and three separate crashes with P Plater drivers seriously injured.

Research and consultation followed, TV and radio commercials were prepared, reviewed by appropriate agencies and with funding from QR National, rolled out across the Bowen Basin, the campaign strongly assisted by numerous free ads, and many media interviews and follow up by the Daily Mercury newspaper.

The success of the education campaign was tracked by the number of reports to QPS Triple Zero, and reports to council of stock on roads. Initially reports were quite high, but as time went by reports reduced, we feel as the message was getting out stock owners were being more responsible in constraining their stock.

RAAG also worked with a number of stock owners, Councils and other agencies where wandering stock, often unbranded, were contained and disposed of.
Statistically, there was a significant reduction of serious crashes in 2012 and with financial assistance from Mackay Regional Council Community fund, the campaign re-run in 2013.

In June 2014 QPS advised stock on roads were again a problem, RAAG worked with media, appealing to stock owners to contain stock, RAAG has also made application to Mackay Regional Council for funding to again run the campaign.

In early 2015 RAAG was made aware by councils and the public, that stock on roads was again a problem.  We would urge Councils to be pro-active with prosecution of stock owners where proven negligence is apparent with regard to the maintenance of fences. The unsuccessful review of legislation requested by a coroner and RAAG to the Attorney General in 2013 to bring Queensland legislation in line with other states is well worthy of a revisit.

RAAG successful with Mackay Regional Council grant application in Sept 2015, campaign to commence by TV, Radio, Digital media March / April 2016

The Stock on roads campaign continues to run as needed.